• Free Printable 2019 Calendar

    Free Printable 2019 Calendar Start your new year off stylishly tidy with this free printable 2019 calendar. I designed the calendar using a simple layout, with enough space to write in your daily activities. Each month has a quote that will keep you motivated and inspired for 2018. I also included the full and new moon cycles.

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  • How to Curate 2019 for Living a Simpler, More Intentional Life + Free Worksheets

    Living a Simpler, More Intentional Life + Free Worksheets With 2019 right around the corner, it’s time to map out the year. This year, I’m shifting from the goal-oriented focus to a more intentional approach. It’s about curating the life you want to live while still pursuing your ambitions. Carefully choosing what you allow to shape your identity, atmosphere, relationships

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  • DIY Boho Wall Hanging Decor

    DIY Boho Wall Hanging Decor I’ve been wanting to make one of these for a while to help cover up the ugly air conditioner that’s in my apartment (I’m renting, so I’m not able to remove it). The theme for my living room is Boho Tropics, yes I have a theme for each room, so

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